Pexip App for iOS and Android

Extend your conference experience to mobile devices

Pexip App on iOS and AndroidThe Pexip Infinity Connect Mobile is an easy-to-use full-feature VMR client for Pexip conferences.

Infinity Connect Mobile provides conference participants with a consistent interface from which they can join meetings via video or audio, and control the conference and watch presentations, all from their own personal device.

Infinity Connect Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.

Features include:

  • Full video meeting experience from any iOS and Android device
  • Simply join using audio-only while for instance driving
  • Meet over cellular networks or WiFi
  • Direct calendar integration enables joining meetings with a single click (iOS only)
  • Directly integrated group chat
  • Directly receive incoming calls (Android only)
  • Optional Guest PIN to control who can access the conference information
  • Optional Host PIN to limit who can control the conference
  • Mute and unmute participants (conference hosts only)
  • Invite new participants and disconnect existing participants (conference hosts only)
  • View a list of all the participants on the call - useful when there are more participants than can be shown in the thumbnails along the bottom of the main screen
  • View the presentation on your personal device, providing audio-only users access to presentations. Video users can also elect to use their main screen to see the conference participants, essentially providing them with a dual-screen video system
  • Zoom in on the presentation on your device, allowing you to see details that would otherwise not be visible from a distance on the main screen

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