Pexip Infinity Connect

Free, easy-to-use audio and video clients

Pexip Infinity Connect is an easy-to-use suite of soft clients used to connect directly to Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, or (using Pexip Infinity as a gateway) to any other endpoint, such as Microsoft Lync or H.323/SIP standards-based endpoints. It is available for free and can be used within any Pexip Infinity deployment*.

With Pexip Infinity as your meeting platform, no other soft client is needed.

Pexip Infinity Connect suite client

Infinity Connect is available for all major web browsers and operating systems. 

Meet in Virtual Meeting Rooms...

Pexip Infinity Connect enables users without their own hard or soft endpoint to participate in virtual meetings. Simply use Infinity Connect to dial in to a Pexip Infinity VMR, and meet with colleagues, partners, and customers regardless of what devices and endpoints everyone else is using.

... and make point-to-point calls...

Pexip Infinity Connect can be used to make outbound point-to-point calls through the Pexip Infinity platform. Simply enter the address of the person you want to call.

... using a browser-based client...

Infinity Connect enables video conferencing from a range of standard web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari.

Users can participate in High Definition video meetings in Pexip Infinity Virtual Meeting Rooms from the browser of their choice. To join a meeting, simply click the meeting invite link or enter the URI for the Virtual Meeting Room, enter your name, and you're there!

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Pexip Infinity Connect for web browsers does not require any downloads, and is plugin-free.

... or an installable client

Installable clients are available for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux. Simply install the client - nothing else is needed to participate in meetings or make point-to-point calls using the Pexip Infinity platform.

Download Infinity Connect installable clients here

Basic conference management control

All Pexip Infinity Connect clients feature basic conference management controls, such as viewing the roster of who's in the meeting, adding or disconnecting users, muting, presenting and more.

*) Installable clients and Internet Explorer, Apple Safari functionality require Pexip Infinity 7 or newer.