Pexip Infinity gateway

Simply connect and communicate across technology barriers

With Pexip Infinity, you can simply add a standard videoconferencing user to a Microsoft Skype for Business meeting, or a Skype for Business user to a video meeting. Or include a WebRTC client. And nearly any other video capable endpoint.

You can also seamlessly call directly between technologies, such as from Skype for Business to standards-based videoconferencing or WebRTC.

Pexip Infinity as a gateway transcodes between communications standards in realtime.

What's in the gateway?

In video communications, a gateway is simply providing translation between incompatible codecs and protocols. These are the languages various communications solutions speak. Translating beween them is not always straight forward.

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Pexip ensures everyone can join the same meeting and benefit from their expected and familiar experience. The Pexip gateway ensures ease-of-call and simple usage for everyone - completely transparent to the user.

No new layouts. No changed functionality. No unexpected behaviour.

Deployment Flexibility

Deploying and setting up a Pexip gateway is as simple as setting up a standard Pexip deployment.

You manage everything from a single portal that can be accessed from anywhere. It runs on industry standard Intel servers in a number of standard environments, including for instance

  • VMware ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft® Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Xen, KVM open source hypervisors
  • HPE Cloud
  • and many others

Pexip Infinity uniquely supports hybrid deployments, so you can combine your on-premises deployments with cloud based. From a user point of view, it is completely transparent.

Scale and capacity

Due to Pexip's unique distributed architecture, you can deploy as much capacity you need. Any number of Pexip virtual machines can be deployed to any geographical location, and any number of data centers, including cloud-based compute.

As with everything else Pexip, your deployment is managed from a single portal.