Pexip Infinity licensing model

Build your own Infinity platform

Pexip Infinity has an incredibly flexible licensing model. Start out with a base platform, add on capacity as needed, and then add other options such as Virtual Meeting Rooms, audio-only participants, scheduling for Outlook, and more.

With Infinity 15, a new licensing structure was introduced to allow the addition of the new native VMR scheduling feature. Pexip Infinity licensing is built up of a series of mandatory, optional, and service components that can be combined in a variety of ways to allow complete customization and customer specific deployments.

The licensing structure

The Pexip licensing model

Building your Pexip platform consists of a few simple steps:

  • Add your basic platform license
  • Add needed capacity licenses
  • Optional: add audio-only capacity licenes
  • Optional: add Virtual Meeting Room licenses
  • Optional: add licenses for meeting scheduling for Microsoft Outlook
  • Optional: add Google Hangouts Meet interoperability licenses (the number of licenses must match the number of G Suite users in the organization)

A standard Pexip deployment must include a minimum of two components—the basic platform license, and a number of capacity licenses.

In addition, optional licenses may be purchased to enable the setup of Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs), audio-only callers, and VMR scheduling.

When using VMR scheduling, the number of users that will use that feature must also have a VMR license assigned.

But best of all; you can scale up or down in increments of one, so you can have exactly what you need in terms of functionality.

When you deploy Pexip Infinity, there is no limit to how many Conferencing Nodes you deploy - which means you can deploy nodes worldwide without having to add on licenses. There is also no special license to deploy to Microsoft Azure, AWS or other cloud IaaS services.