Pexip Infinity Fusion for Skype for Business

Certified video interoperability gateway for Skype for Business Server

Pexip Infinity Fusion for Skype for Business is a Microsoft certified video interoperability gateway that enables non-Skype VTC users to join Skype for Business meetings and calls.

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Enable anyone to join Skype meetings and calls

A major challenge for many corporations is to enable everyone to collaborate and communicate seamlessly, especially over video.

With videoconferencing and Skype for Business deployed at large scale, it is often impossible to have everyone join the same calls, and communicate effortlessly. Pexip Infinity Fusion allows videoconferencing users to join right into Skype for Business calls in a multitude of ways:

  • Join scheduled Skype meetings
  • Create ad-hoc point-to-point calls between Skype for Business and VTC in any direction
  • Escalate calls and add VTC users by drag and drop

Everything can be accomplished from right inside the Skype for Business client.

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With Pexip Infinity Fusion, SIP and H.323 videoconferencing users can join Skype meetings.

Pexip Infinity Fusion is certified by Microsoft to provide video interoperability for Skype for Business Server.

Full support for content and screen sharing

With Pexip Infinity Fusion alongside Skype for Business, users can share content from one platform, and natively view it on the other.

  • Share from Skype for Business to videoconferencing
  • Share from videoconferencing to Skype for Business
  • Upload and share PowerPoint presentations from Skype for Business and view on videoconferencing endpoint

Sharing content from VTC to Skype for Business, and from Skype to Business to VTC is straight forward.

Pexip Infinity Fusion supports all relevant content sharing technologies, including the latest Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) for Skype for Business and Microsoft Surface Hub - optimized for motion content - as well as RDP to H.239 and BFCP.

Supported technologies

Pexip Infinity Fusion bridges standards-based VTC solutions from manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Yealink, and countless others (see specifications) into Skype for Business meetings and calls.

Of course, Pexip Infinity Fusion allows VTC users to join Skype for Business meetings that also include Microsoft Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems, so that organizations can migrate to new Microsoft meeting room systems while keeping their VTC interoperability.

Key Pexip Infinity Fusion for Skype for Business features

Pexip Infinity Fusion is a virtualized software offering a rich and continuously updated feature set. Some of its features for Skype for Business include:

  • Industry-leading video interoperability
  • Skype for Business FEC (Forward Error Correction) resilience features
  • Dual-stream, bi-directional content sharing between all supported platforms
  • Completely transparent to the end user
  • Unmatched scalability and user capacity
  • Natively Distributed architecture for global deployments
  • On-premises, cloud, and combination deployment models

In addition, there is a vast range of management-, user-, and architecture features.

Certification, cooperation, and support

Version 15.1 of Pexip Infinity Fusion has been certified by Microsoft as a video interoperability gateway for Skype for Business Server 2015.

Pexip has collaborated closely with Microsoft to make available features and functionality, and to ensure the performance is what customers require.

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