Pexip STORM service provider program

Enables you to build a complete white label VCaaS from scratch - to your specifcations

Pexip STORM – the Pexip Service Provider enablement program - allows partners to build a complete Unified Communications or videoconferencing service. The service is based on our market-leading conferencing and interop gateway platform, Pexip Infinity.

The platform is designed to be extremely flexible in terms of the services it can provide, its ability to enhance existing service offerings, and the various commercial models it can support.

Some examples of the services that can be provided with a Pexip Infinity STORM license include:

  • Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) services
  • Hybrid cloud/on-premise services
  • Multi-tenant and dedicated services
  • Gateway as a Service (GaaS)
  • Merged video, audio and web conferencing
  • Mobile video services
  • Video call center solutions
  • Vertical industry video/audio solutions

Why Pexip STORM?

Lean start-up costs

Costly initial investment in expensive bridging hardware has always been an obstacle to getting a new conferencing service off the ground. Pexip Infinity’s purely virtualized platform greatly reduces these costs and reduces the gamble of ‘build it and hope they come’.

The software is deployed on standard datacenter hardware, using a range of hypervisors such as VMWare, Hyper V, Xen, and KVM. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, etc – are also supported in both cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. Pexip Infinity will fit perfectly in a broad range of IT datacenter strategies and takes advantage of the cost savings that virtualization and cloud have already brought to other applications.

Pexip STORM’s pay-as-you-grow commercial structure also reduces initial startup risk. It is both simple and best practice to only buy additional call capacity from Pexip once the customers have demanded it, rather than building for a ‘guesstimated’ utilization peak that may or may not be accurate. With Pexip, additional call capacity can be added in a matter of minutes – not days or weeks.

Full branding and customization

The Pexip Infinity platform leads the way by allowing deep customization and user experience development. A full range of APIs covering management, client, and policy allow service providers free reign to create the service their customers need, while preserving their own brand identity – not promoting someone else’s.

Unmatched scalability

Pexip Infinity is unquestionably the most scalable video, voice and web conferencing platform available today. It is designed for the new world of personal video communications, where every laptop and mobile device is a high definition video conferencing endpoint. The platform will easily scale with your customers’ user base, whether they number in the dozens or the millions.

Distributed by design

Pexip Infinity was created to be distributed. In fact, the more data center points of presence a service provider needs to provide / support for their customers, the more Pexip shines. However, no matter how widely spread across the state, country, or globe, a simple dial plan and clean user experience is always maintained. Also, Pexip Infinity is always managed as one bridging / gateway resource, making support, maintenance and upgrades exceedingly simple.

Unmatched reliability

Pexip Infinity's innovations in virtualization and distribution give service providers the opportunity to provide services with a higher degree of reliability than what was previously associated with custom hardware solutions. With Pexip, multiple layers of redundancy can be easily added to conferencing architectures, including location load balancing and failover built right into the software itself.