It's the Way We Think

We have the experience and passion to lead the revolution.

Pexip was founded on the idea that we can greatly improve and revolutionize the way people work and collaborate visually.

Why wouldn’t everyone in an organization have access to visual meetings and video based collaboration?

With Pexip Infinity’s virtualized and distributed software, unified communications for everyone is made possible in a realistic way. By utilizing industry standard IT tools, and looking at solving challenges through IT, everyone can have access to video, audio and data collaboration. Everyone can have their own Virtual Meeting Room that can be used simply and effectively.

Deployed on-premise, in a private or public cloud, or even rented from one of our service provider partners, Pexip’s Virtual Machine software enables organizations to deploy as much and as widely as needed, in minutes rather than days or weeks.

We think that everyone in an organization should have their own Virtual Meeting Room, just like they have an email address and a telephone number.

How do we do it?

We started out by realizing the market has changed and is changing radically.

Nearly everyone on our team has worked in the visual communications industry for a number of years. We have heard the needs and requirements of real-life users time and time again. And we know the fundamental challenges the enterprise faces these days.


How do I integrate Skype for Business with the videoconferencing solutions I already own?

The Pexip culture is built on a strong foundation of solid values, and our experience is unequaled. We love what we do, we believe in the power of video communication, and together we work to enable people to communicate better visually.

Pexip is based in Oslo, Norway, with offices in the USA and United Kingdom.

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